Real Talk: It's OK to be Alone

...even if the world has a funny way of constantly reminding you that everything in life comes in pairs. And tonight was no exception.

After a full day of traveling all over London in search of a flat I was ready to turn in, but thought I’d swing by a local pub to grab a pint on my way home. I showed up and the guy at the door asked me if I was alright. Cue internal voice again - “Why? Do I look like something is wrong?”. Then I proceed to tell him I’m there to obviously have a beer unsure of what other response he was expecting to hear. Anyways, he peers through the glass door, scanning the area to see if there’s room and then asks, “How many? Is it just you?”. “It’s just me.” He strains his eyes as if it’s difficult to see the free spots amongst the seven open tables that we're both staring at and says, “I’m sorry we can’t allow just one person to sit at a larger table” and turns me away.

It was at the moment I was transported back to my time on a solo trip to Bali where it became evident how being alone makes you acutely aware of how seemingly everything in life comes in pairs - the two robes hanging in the closet, the lounge chairs in twos by the pool, the table settings every time you sit down to eat to the chef prepared special menus created just for two, to the consistent question asked when making reservations ‘Will this be for two?’. No, it’s just me - and that's ok.

You see, instances like tonight have the propensity to make you feel isolated in an already isolating situation such as tier two lockdown amidst a global pandemic when you’re halfway across the planet from your loved ones.

But in my experience, it’s all about mindset. I could let this situation take control and put a damper on my mood consequently affecting the rest of my night or I could ‘turn the beat around’ as my cousin says, grab a bottle of wine and portal a friend back home creating my own virtual happy hour which is exactly what I did.

Regardless of your situation, you're in control of what you give power to so be mindful of what you allow into your space. And always remember...

It’s ok to be alone. The sun is alone, too. And she’s still shining.

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