PRO TIPS on What Not To Do When Relocating to a Country You’ve Never Been

It’s official - I’m in London and finally out of quarantine! Right in time for the country to go back into lockdown. It was a wild ride getting here, but I managed to pack my entire life into 3 suitcases - if you’re surprised, then you clearly haven’t seen my packing skills. I also managed to bring my guitar (don't expect a concert anytime soon) and my paddle board (which in hindsight seems a bit impractical considering Autumn in London just arrived), BUT I did it.

What I also did, was manage to lose my work phone at London Heathrow upon arrival - my personal had no data so I had no way of ordering an Uber, much less even looking up my AirBnB details - did I keep them written somewhere just in case? Of course not - we live in a digital world, right?

So I managed to get said luggage into a Taxi and get the driver headed into the right direction. Fast forward, I’m checking in to my AirBnB, but oh wait - I’m listed as a no-show so they canceled my resy. #awesome

They were able to get me an apartment, helped me with my bags and once the door was closed, I felt settled…. right up until I tried to get into my luggage only to realize the locks were jammed.

So I ventured out into London to find a tool shop to purchase anything that would break through the thick metal wire. I had no idea where I was. No Google Maps or GPS to guide me - remember said story about losing my phone hours prior at the airport? Yep, the gift that keeps on giving.

I luckily stumbled upon some tool store and explained my dilemma to which then the guy behind the counter brings out a handsaw and says, “This is your only option.” So my first purchase in England was a handsaw. Not what I had imagined, but hey, if anyone needs a handsaw, I’m your girl.

I navigate myself back to the apartment only to realize I locked myself out. #cool Easy fix. Then realized I lost my Passport along the way and my stomach dropped. Not long later there was a knock on my door and my newfound friend Patrick from reception had it. #thankgod

Time to saw into my luggage. Ever owned a handsaw? If not, they really do work. Go get ya one just in case you’re worried about the same scenario happening to you. Finally. In my apartment. In my luggage. Time to relax. I decide to take a shower to wash off the last 5 hours of my London life and as I was getting out, I pulled the shower door the wrong way and trapped myself in. At that point, I just stood there and laughed. Par for the course, but I was alive and well and finally across the pond.

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