Embrace Uncertainty

Two years ago today, I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop - The Note Coffee - overlooking Hoàn Kiem lake within the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam. A quick plug, what I love about this place (and yes I go every time I’m in Hanoi) is that once you order your drink, you walk up a couple flights of stairs and along the way, the entirety of the shop - from the walls, to the tables, to the chairs - is completely covered in handwritten sticky notes.

It’s an incredible concept, really - it's an experience. Not only do you get to enjoy some of the best coffee in Vietnam, but you also get to take part in leaving your mark. Every time I go, I enjoy reading the notes from people all around the world - many of which are in languages I’ll never understand, but that’s part of the fun - and also what google translate is for! Anyways, if you told me then where I'd be at today - aka transitioning to a totally new job, moving out of the home I had just built from the ground up, and leaving behind Koda (my fur baby), family and friends to move across the Atlantic to a place I've never been - I would've rolled my eyes and laughed.

But on this day two years ago, I was sitting across from my cousin and I vaguely remember the conversation - something about relationships and life in general. As I contemplated what to write on my blank note, I remember thinking how far I had come in my own life - how I had recently gone through a major life change that propelled me into a new chapter, or better said a totally new book, in the series of my life - and I smiled.

For context, It wasn’t but a year or so prior to this very moment that I parted ways, moving on from a 15 year relationship (yes you read that right), and to say I was still going through the process of healing at the time is an understatement. But I bring this up only because what I wrote on this note was a reminder to myself of the life I was now living - a life that began to take shape because of my newfound ability to take a leap of faith into the unknown and embrace all of the uncertainty that comes with it.

And by the way, my intention isn’t to make the above step sound easy. Let’s be real, making changes can be daunting - even gaining the courage to take the first step can be scary. Whether that's changes in relationships, career, life... you name it! In truth, fear of the unknown left me internally paralyzed for quite some time before I made any changes in the physical.

Think about it. Scan your life for a sec - is there something you hope for or wish you could change? Now ask yourself what’s holding you back from making that happen.

And that's where my note comes in. Turns out you never know where life will take you - you just gotta be open to the possibilities and take inspired action. Life is uncertain after all, but there is beauty in the unknown. Who knows, you could end up halfway across the planet living your international dream life by simply being comfortable with taking a leap of faith. Behind whatever leap it is you're looking to take, a whole new chapter is waiting to be written.

I'm still not sure the title of this next chapter, but I'm definitely writing a new one. And to think..it all started with taking that first courageous step, and you can too.

P.S. This was the inspiration behind my tagline - Your Life is Your Story - and it's up to you to make a conscious decision to write it. So embrace uncertainty, and #followyoursoul.

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